ith the Greater Charleston Ski Club

 by Mike Hadbavny

This annual event was another culinary delight.  These annual outings have been a hit for years, long before I joined in 1985 when we had them at the Outboard Motor Club.  Since the 2000s, when I moved back to Charleston, Bob Watts has refined the process to a real art.  And it isn’t just oysters and fish served.  Some years have had venison and there are always many heavy appetizers and other tasty delights that Suzy Evans and other members bring just to show off their culinary skill.

The quality of the local steamed or commonly called pluff mud oysters was just plain OUTSTANDING with several commenting that these were the best we have had in years.  Bob, Suzy, and Steve Fidler did an exemplary job.  Bob has a supplier from Beaufort with these oysters that had no mud.    In fact, the usual Saturday Oyster Wash Team was prepared to pressure wash them but after opening the first bag found the normal amount of sand and crushed pieces of shell, but none of the pluff mud that gives the local oysters a flavor that is reportedly better tasting than Apalachicola or Chesapeake ones.

In addition, we had Bob’s annual Captain’s Chowder (which is differentiated from Fish Chowder by the addition of Shrimp), which Steve painstakingly shelled and deveined.  His curved tool allowed quickly cutting the shell and pulling off the tails faster than one could do it with the normal “fingers’ method.  The bonus is the “mud vein” pulls out with the tail with Steve’s method.  Other delights included the flavorful high meat Bob and Suzy’s Chili and his mouth watering Sausage and Peppers dish prepared using his garden peppers, in green, red, yellow, and orange colors.  He had one miniature variety that the author tried which reminded the writer of what on Guam is called a “boonie pepper.” 

Besides the aforementioned individuals, Randy Rasmussen helped steam the oysters, and Rick Sheridan  helped the others with clean - up work.   I also need to mention the financial management by Treasurer Linda Compton who kept this function solvent.

Kudos to all who helped make this a successful event! Attendees and contributors as well!