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Past Presidents
1971 (Jan to Nov?) Steve Baumrind (Chairman of Board during organization)
1971-73 Len Heere
1973-75 Sharilyn Cone (Setterlund)
1975-76 Meyer Lipman
1976-77 Roy Hume
1977-78 Sylvia Braddon (Galloway)
1978-79 Art Chambers, Skip Summers
1979-81 Mac Morris
1981-84 Sharilyn Cone (Setterlund)
1984-86 Bill Bradley
1986-88 Linda Snowden Peninger
1988-89 Chuck Setterlund
1989-90 Bill Bradley
1990-91 Ed Williams
1991-92 Tim Coyle
1992-93 Chuck Setterlund
1993-94 Cecil Rourk
1994-95 Joyce Schultz
1995-96 Cecil Rourk
1996-99 Steve Young
1999-2000 Julie Tillman
2000-01 Dave Walden
2001-02 David Howe
2002-03 Linda Schultz, Joy Mims
2003-04 Danny Matthews
2004-06 Tim Burke
2006-08 Angus MacLean
2008-10 Russell Jewell
2010-11 Chuck Setterlund
2011-15 Dave Benson
2015-present Meta Frasch

Bill Bradley Award
Bill Bradley

In memory of Bill Bradley 1949-1996


Kelly BrambleBill Bradley Award Plaque
Winners of the Bill Bradley Award:
1996-97 Julie Tillman, Jill Tibboles
1997-98 Connie Perkins, Bobby Compton
1998-99 David Walden
2000-01 Chuck Setterlund, Nat Forbes
2002-03 Bobby Compton
2003-04 Jean Holst
2004-05 Fran Cross
2005-06 Kelly Bramble
2006-07 Kelly Bramble
2007-08 Sue Chadwick, Nat Forbes
2008-09 Mike Hadbavny
2009-10 Sue Chadwick
2011-12 Bob Watts, Steve Fidler
2012-13 Dave Benson, Linda Compton
Ed Holst Award
Ed Holst

In memory of Ed Holst

The Ed Holst Racer of the Year award is presented annually to the member of the Greater Charleston Ski Club who has the lowest NASTAR handicap average at the end of the current ski season. The ward is presented in April. To be eligible to win the Ed Holst Award you must participate in a NASTAR race. Crescent Ski Council Racing qualifies for Racer of the Year eligibility under NASTAR. It is a tremendous amount of fun and open to everyone in GCSC, from beginners to experts. To participate in Crescent Racing, please contact the GCSC Winter Sports Director. To run a NASTAR Race outside of Crescent, all you have to do is sign up at the participating ski area and run the course. You must let the GCSC Winter Sports Director know that you ran the course, so that your results may be verified. To learn more about NASTAR and to view Racing Results go to: Ed Holst was one of our more prolific skiers. He liked it Steep and Deep. I am sure he would be proud to have this award named after him. Ed is sorely missed by all those who knew him.
Winners of the Ed Holst Racing Award:
2006-7 Larry Hendrix
2007-8 Angus MacLean
2008-9 Debbie Ostrander
2010-11 Renate Anderson
2011-12 Byron Beck